Shaping sustainability

Climate protection as the global challenge of our time, is heavily driving the decarbonization of energy production and energy consumption. For the first time, the Paris Agreement urges all nations to assume their responsibility when it comes to climate protection. That is why the German government for example significantly adjusted the greenhouse gas reduction target to minus 65% compared to 1990 for the year 2030 with the amendment of the Climate Protection Act in May 2021. The ongoing social as well as political discussions lead us to expect a further reduction in greenhouse gas limits. It can already be seen today – regulatory as well as market drivers are generating a great deal of pressure to act, and companies from various industrial sectors are being called upon to embark on the path of decarbonization.

Ecological and economic objectives are no longer mutually exclusive – business considerations on the way to sustainable holistic energy concepts are of increasing importance. The decentralization of energy production is increasing, e-mobility is gaining momentum, there is growing demand for “green products” and banks are increasingly financing “green projects” as part of the taxonomy. The sustainability strategies of companies today are predominantly driven by market requirements and regulatory needs; this promotes sustainable, climate neutral positioning of companies in the most diverse segments of the value chains.

But how does a company position itself sustainably and climate neutral? What are appropriate new business models, and how can existing structures and processes be leveraged and adapted? What are the different courses of action and how does a company successfully transition towards a sustainable energy concept?

3EC has holistic support concepts for various customers, categorised into three phases. Development of an individual strategy towards climate neutrality starts with an analysis of the status quo and presenting potential courses of action in line with the companies’ strategic direction. In the implementation planning, the details are defined and coordinated so that they can be implemented operationally in the next phase. 3EC offers tailored solutions for specific phases as well as holistically in cooperation with its vast network of specialised partners.