Optimal use of energy storage

The development of energy storage systems will be crucial to balance the fluctuations of wind and solar energy, especially as their share of electricity generation increases. Coverage of increasing volatility while decarbonizing electricity is a key challenge for the electricity sector and requires the usage of all sources of flexibility, including traditional power plants, local grids, demand response and storage. Solutions will have to be identified to use this flexibility and contribute more effectively to decarbonization.

Energy storage systems make it possible to use this energy demand-oriented and to integrate it into commercial energy concepts. This gives volatile renewable energy systems a plannable added value, enabling an increase of renewable energy in their own energy supply, reducing CO2 emissions. Falling energy storage system costs, rising energy prices and improved regulatory framework conditions open new fields of applications:

  • Optimization of own consumption of renewable energy
  • Reduction in grid costs
  • Buffered high power EV charging systems in urban areas
  • Sector coupling

Each application and each energy system requires a tailored solution and suitable technology. 3EC analyze options for economic integration of energy storage solutions in your energy systems and concepts.

As an active member of the German Energy Storage System Association (BVES), 3EC have the latest insights into the energy storage sector and its development.

3EC create BVES’s annual industry analysis of the energy storage market development in Germany – the country’s de facto benchmark for energy storage market trends. Our active involvement in various committees of the association encompasses the latest technological, economical and regulatory topics of the energy storage industry.

Extract from BVES Analysis 2022

In addition, 3EC are a partner inthe energy storage start-up Hypnetic, which is developing an innovative hydropneumatic energy storage concept. Here, we assume commercial responsibility and work actively on the successful commercialization of the technology.